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  1. After following all the steps (0-4), my Poseidon Z keyboard finally works! I would just like to add that I had to restart my iMac in order for the terminal command to work. And the keyboard was finally functioning properly after I restarted my computer in step 4.


    Excellent job on fixing this issue. You saved me 700 HKD, since I don't have a Windows computer of my own.

  2. I would first like to say, thank you for trying to fix this problem. I bought the Poseidon Z at a shop that doesn't accept refunds, so I was incredibly disappointed when the keyboard didn't work on my iMac (21.5-in with Yosemite) properly.


    Unfortunately, I've followed all your steps on how to install and use Kext Utility.app , and it didn't work for me. I launched IORegistryExplorer.app and searched for TtEsports , but I didn't find the driver.


    If you have any questions or ways to help me and potentially other people who also have this problem, please do so.

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