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  1. This week the myRevenge MX CSGO team will be playing in the ROUND of the last 16 teams left in the 64 team playoff bracket. #gomyRevenge!!! Come and support some of the matches will be casted by CEVO.com.
  2. myRevenge MX CS:GO team will play tonight our first playoff match of the CEVO North America League: The match will be played tonight at 9:00pm Central Standard Time. Here are some links to the league and the brackets: http://cevo.com/event/cs-globaloffensive/roster/690825/ http://cevo.com/event/cs-globaloffensive/bracket/i38gsj19/ #gomyRevenge
  3. myRevenge CS:GO team wins their match and are now 12-2 in the ESEA league and closer to the playoffs.
  4. The myRevenge MX CS:GO team has just won their match on esea and have their record at 9-2 and in great position to reach the playoffs. Dieser getting ready for tonight's match warming up with the Best gear in the industry. #onlythebest
  5. Happy sunday Tt eSPORTS Family!!!! Just wanted to say hello and happy sunday!!!!
  6. myRevenge MX CS:GO Player Zhompiraz using his brand new desk with his Tt eSPORT GEAR.. #GomyRevenge. http://tinypic.com/r/2wnbl3m/8
  7. Happy Sunday everyone Tonight we have 2 matches for cevo. myRevenge MX CS:GO will be playing 2 matches 1 at 6:oopm central standard time and the other at 8:00pm Central starndar time ( Texas time zone.) You can also watch the stream at : www.azubu.tv/Niku Thank you for the support guys we will try to go for a record of 6-0. We are currently 4-0 in the CEVO League. Thanks again. #gomyRevenge
  8. myRevenge MX CSGO team wins their 4th game in the Cevo league to continue the win streak of 4-0. Great job by the players tonight and we will be playing another 2 matches tomorrow sunday 9/27. Stay tuned and thank you for the support guys. #gomyRevenge
  9. With a tough Semifinal match myRevenge MX CS:GO was so close to making it to the qualifier, they take 3rd place in the 128 team qualifier. Thanks for your support to our fans and to Tt eSPORTS.
  10. Yesterday the myRevenge MX Cs:GO Team finished the tournament in 5-8th place in the 1st qualifier. Today we are playing again in the FACEIT League Stage 3 Open Qualifier #2 From 128 teams we are now in the FINAL 4 to qualify. Let's go myRevenge.
  11. Today the myRevenge MX CS:GO team is currently playing in the FACEIT League Stage 3 Open Qualifier #1. Out of 64 team we are now in the last TOP 8 teams of the tournament. wish us luck and we will work hard to win this tournament. Let's go boys!!!!
  12. The Dreamhack North American Qualifier is about to continue with the last 32 teams in the bracket. # GomyRevenge!!!
  13. The Dreamhack qualifiers for North America has started with 128 teams in the tournament, myRevenge MX CS:GO team has advanced to the last 32 teams in the tournament. Tomorrow we will play another 2 matches to continue to advance. Thanks to the fans and the Tt eSPORTS family for the continued support. #gomyRevenge
  14. First Match of ESEA and the myRevenge MX CS:GO wins their first match. 16-11 on de_dust2. Great job to the team!!! #GomyRevenge
  15. First match scheduled for tomorrow 9/7/2015 First match of the ESEA season for the CSGO team. #gomyrevenge
  16. Tonight the myRevenge CSGO team won both matches 16-2 in the CEVO League. We will continue to progress so far we are 2-0 starting the league on the right foot.
  17. myRevenge CS:GO Player Dieser wearing The SHOCK Spin HD Headphones from Tt eSPORTS at Campus party 2015!!!!
  18. The myRevenge CS:GO team comes in 3rd place at the Razer Arena North America Tournament, Well played we will continue to work hard and practice so we can be number 1. thank you TteSPORTS and thanks for the support to the people that watch the tournament.
  19. myRevenge CS:GO team playing in the Razer Arena MR. RPG'S MONTHLY BATTLE ROYAL come and support the team as they play in the Semifinal Top 4 teams leaft in the tournament.. Our Team Sponsored by www.TtesPORTS.com ‪#‎TteSPORTS‬
  20. Hey guys take a look at one of our new highlight videos from our movie maker.. myRevenge CS:GO Player: Niku Pistol Ace I hope you guys enjoy it and thanks for watching. This Pistol ACE was brought you by the VENTUS X GAMING MOUSE, Provided by Tt eSPORTS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrwBURi8sA4
  21. myRevenge Mexico CS:Go team starting off with the PGL US Open Qualifier. http://csgo.pglesport.com/ Come and Support the team while they fight in the 128 team bracket to qualify. Brackets here: https://www.faceit.com/tournaments/c4339742-48ad-4629-a8fa-940b000148d5/scoreboard/5/PGL%20US%20Open%20Qualifier Sponsored by www.TteSPORTS.com ‪#‎allornothing‬ ‪#‎PoweredbyTteSPORTS‬ ‪#‎Hitbox‬ ‪#‎PCGamingRace‬ ‪#‎Gigabyte‬
  22. Hello Everyone, I would like to thank Tt eSPORTS and www.avexir.com for the awesome prizes I received from the GLOBAL CLICKING Challenge. I really appreciate it ,Thank you again and here are the pictures of what I received. https://www.facebook.com/NikuMedi
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