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  1. Sad
    TranisEr reacted to AhmedAsem in thermaltake gaming gear combo   
    my mouse is not working properly, its currently on 2400 dpi and not working porperly 
    when I move it to the right it works just fine, but when i move it to the left, it feels like its on 400 
  2. Confused
    TranisEr reacted to Vhaan in Premium X1 RGB keyboard Owner's Club   
    Fresh Win10 Install on a brand new build and I am having the same issue: X1 RGB does NOT detect my brand new TT X1 RGB
    Win10 Home
    Z390 Rog Maximus Hero XI
    16GB DDR4 3200Mhz
    500GB Samsung 970 Evo NVME
  3. Confused
    TranisEr reacted to porter6 in My mouse axes were inverted Theron Plus Smart   
    Press Windows+P key on the keyboard.
    Select PC Screen only or Duplicate
    Then Select Extended
    Restart the computer and check.
    Redbox Tv  Cloud Tv  Videoder
  4. Haha
    TranisEr reacted to matadoro in My mouse axes were inverted Theron Plus Smart   
    I have a problem with my laptop and more specifically my mouse. When I want to go to the right of the screen with my mouse it goes to the left and vice versa, the same when I want to go down the screen it goes up. ShowBox Kodi Lucky Patcher
    Could someone explain to me how to remove this problem? 
    I specify that I did not download software recently.
  5. Like
    TranisEr reacted to Tt David in My mouse axes were inverted Theron Plus Smart   
    Did you download the software?
  6. Like
    TranisEr reacted to Burked in FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming   
    Fifa world cup players can have the full details with these topics. Then we will manage everything for the live streaming dissertation writing reviews. So, you can update all the better index pages and fifa world cup game details.
  7. Haha
    TranisEr reacted to Jacobarch02 in FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming   
    FIFA World Cup players can have full details of these themes. Then we will manage all live stream eviews. So, you can update all the better index pages and details of the FIFA World Cup game https://www.assignmentsquare.co.uk/.
  8. Like
    TranisEr reacted to exkimhao in poseidon z illuminated problem   
    poseidon z illuminated problem
    like when I type : hi , how are you
    and it will became : hi , hhow are you
    and sometime when i playing  dota , i press alt + q or alt + w or alt + e etc
    but the alt seems not work , only press Q or W or E  make i press the skill out .
    i stay in malaysia , and i only bought 9 months
  9. Like
    TranisEr reacted to AOH in psu or product thermaltake warranty worldwide?   
    How to check warranty. my psu thermaltake thoughpower grand  850 watt platinum.
    Because  I buy this psu. from HK.  but  I  use at Thailand.  I cannot goback to HK for claim. 
    I can claim in Thailand?  psu thermaltake warranty worldwide?
    Please giveme phone number thermaltake (Thailand) co.ltd.
    psu serial no. PSTPG0850FPCPEUPRE000202 
    Thank you.
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    TranisEr reacted to Tt Tautlih in Any Car Enthusiasts About?   
    Anyone fancy testing out one of these for us?

    Product page - http://goo.gl/L06C6D
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    TranisEr reacted to Tt Tautlih in [Reviews] Latest Product Reviews   
    LUXA2 EnerG 8800mAh Portable Power Bank

    Tweaktown EnerG 8800mAh Review (May 31st, 2014)
    - Editor's Choice Award 
    Full review - http://bit.ly/VZXRXA
    Proclockers EnerG 8800mAh Review (June 19th, 2014)
    - Must Have & Editor's Choice Award
    Full review - http://bit.ly/1ndCjC2
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    TranisEr reacted to Tt Andy in DPS G App2.0 has been released! download the file here   
    Hello guys,
    Just wanted to let you all know that the new updated 2.0 of our DPSapp is out now!
    Click HERE to download

    Fore new and exciting features check out the thread below
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    TranisEr reacted to Tt Tautlih in Giveaway News   
    For all the latest LUXA2 giveaways!
    WIN a LAVI S
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