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  1. great performance of our 2 mains teams on cu-lan we got a venko vs venko final and ended up going home with 1st AND 2nd place !
  2. Landay is over Venko Gaming went home with 4th place for White and 5th place for Cyan. Not bad but we can do better !
  3. Venko Gaming white won their league of legends compo at breakout lan and ended 1st place !
  4. I wanna thank you guys for supporting us. I have been using your Ventus X for more then 2 weeks now its one of the greatest mouses I ever used. Its like it becomes one with my hand. Thank you for all the support and I am looking forward to try out more gear. Ruben (Rclusiv) Dillen
  5. We are so glad with TTesports supporting us. I wanna thank you all in the name of the Venko Gaming league of legends department. Our league team will play in our jerseys with your logo on it on this amazing LAN this summer. Thanks again for supporting us on our way to the top.
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