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  1. done ...........great GIVEAWAY
  2. DPS : Digitally-controlled Power Supply. Thermaltake Toughpower DPS is an innovative digitally- controlled power supply with software. The implementations come with better voltage regulation and improved light-load efficiency to provide your system with clean, stable, and economical energy. Thermaltake's Smart DPSApp Software helps us 1. Calculate the Electricity Cost. 2. Monitor the Wattage 3. Monitor the Efficiency 4. Monitor the Voltage 5. Sharing in the Cloud 6.Quantitative Data Management 7. Digital Fan Control
  3. The Thermaltake Core V1 has dual expansion slot for graphics cards. Although its Inner chassis length is 255mm, because of its design it can incorporate grapics cards with the length up to 260mm. VGA length limitation: 255mm (Inner chassis) 285mm (Outer chassis)
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