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  1. Hi everyone, I made the video about two things that keeps me busy most of the time. Lightmix style and the two wheel love that makes me go out of the house/mod shop which makes me sweat buckets. I hope you guys find this entertaining https://drive.google.com/file/d/18BSqcj7QGL1x4pGfp2DfU2tyYDmYDpPU/view?usp=sharing Thanks for the support! ❤️
  2. Hello! Thanks Thermaltake for the opportunity! Fans have arrived so I took some pictures, to anyone who hasn't caught wind of the Swafan EX line up of fans here are some quick snaps. And feel free to check out more details about them as I have used them in various builds and they are great! Each fan has an extra fan blade for your use case. Wire magnetic connection the other end goes to the controller. Magnetic connection for each fan. They are beatiful!
  3. Update time! after the primer I did paint each ram with the colors that matches each theme. For this I have the first two sticks that I have finished which are the Arasaka Mantis Blade and Mox themed heat sinks. There are two more that I am still working on which are the Militech and Yaiba Kusanagi. Decided to go with four different references instead of just one then applying it on all four. I think made the modding more fun well here goes a barrage of pictures from the stands and the actual modified TOUGHRAM without the custom stands. Here is the Arasaka Mantis Blade MOX Those are all for now, I will be back with a couple more have mod on!
  4. Few updates today, the branding needs to go for now to i'm going to spray them primer. Here is a peek at the theme that I'm working on I am still waiting for the epoxy primer to dry and as soon as they are I will execute all the plans that I have in mind and be back with more updates. Deadline is near so I hope everything works out fine.
  5. Update time! To remove the heat spreaders I need to get the chrome plated parts first, finger nails are great for this part. When they get un latched just simply pull them off. Without the chrome plated design. Then just slide off the upper portion. Then you should have this at this point, now I'm ready for some heat gun action. Heat will help us remove the heat spreaders from sticking on the RAM Sticks. It was a hard battle but we got one! hahaha just need to do this 3 more times clean them up and I should be ready for re painting the heat spreaders. If you are going to try something like this please be careful not to ruin your ram sticks.
  6. Bumping my worklog with the Toughram White out of the box Next update will be dis assembly of the heat spreaders.
  7. Final update a barrage of photos! Thank you very much Thermaltake, Asus ROG, GSkill, Plextor and all the people who made this event possible as well for having me is this extravagant modding showdown. I am very happy with how the build turned out. I'm getting that SciFi Fortress feel from it I will comeback a little later for the quick video of the build.
  8. Detailing some more Fire the laser! More to come this week! thanks
  9. A few updates here with chopping up the case When I’m done, half of this case will still exist. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. I hope they remember you View 91 And this by far is the remains of the case. I will also chop up the other panels to make it fit this new Tower, be right back!
  10. Hi as promised here are the glamour shots of the Parts that I am going to use for this build. Those are all for now, I will be back with some actual changes on the View 91. Thanks!
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