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  1. I am very sorry for the lack of updates this past few week but hey I'm back on track Also sorry but the pictures that I have right now are not with the best quality it is raining all day when the sun comes back tomorrow I'll take it outside for better images Let me go back with the case, here is the skeleton for the modular test bench It fits exactly as planned. Tubular aluminum to thumb screw the test bench on to. Ohh sliders <3 I also need to make handle bars out of flat aluminum. Manual bending yeah! The integrity of the case has been compromised since most of its parts was removed so I have some reinforcing to do. Connected! Custom acrylic panels will be placed on the sides of the case mounted on the sliders and I have to give those sheets some curves. I have been bending acrylic sheets with a heat gun since day 1, I guess I'm tired of that Very timely a friend handed down some Nichrome wire yes it's time for a DIY line bender. (I just followed some youtube guide on how this is done) Power source is a PSU that I took from an SFF PC that I haven't used for a very long time, I try to save money whenever I can So with some ply board, nails , wood screws, alligator clamp, old PSU and Nichrome wire we now have this Time to use it on the panel for the project. Mounted! I will be back with better images of the progress! thanks
  2. A few updates for now, I have always used sleeved extensions on my previous builds so I am not an expert in sleeving but this time I am giving it a shot and I would like to get it out of the way because I am really slow at this. Color of the sleeves are Black, Carbon and very little white on the 24 pin cable. So here we go A good friend gave me one of his DIY pin extractor, thanks man! Here is the 24 Pin cable. Cables for the GPU EPS 12V and some other shots I haven't done the Sata and 4 pin molex yet because I ran out of Carbon sleeves So I have slow progress right now but I think that it's better than none Thanks and see you on the next update
  3. Hi it's been a short while and I am really happy that I can finally post some progress on this work log, Schedule has been really tough for me in the past few weeks but I got everything figured out now so I will be posting updates every week. To kick things off lets start to strip the case down. They were really easy to remove. For this batch I used a drill to take out the riveted parts. I'm really not an expert in sleeving that is why I use sleeved extensions on my builds but I want to try it out this time, Clean looking cables from the front I/O would be nice. The front audio cord needs to be stripped off its rubber coating because I only have 3mm sleeves. I am very slow at this lol this took me about 30 minutes. And yes! but I don't know where I can get a sleeve that would fir the USB 3.0 cable EVGA! Lets unbox them!! Lets start with the memory modules The 1000G Power Supply Superb packaging! I am going to sleeved them later down the line. Lovin' the hammered finish The Z170 Classified K Motherboard Shroud for the rear I/O Beatifulll!! EVGA Classfied 980ti Very nice! we have bonus items Going back to the card itself. It is massively awesome! That was a blast! So that took a lot of time for me because I was really amazed with your products and by the way this is my first time using EVGA gears Going back to the case The case has temporarily lost its rigidity when the motherboard tray and rear panel was removed so aluminum bars to the rescue! I like using aluminum bars because they are easy to cut and file. I also gave the case a little tilt It not super sturdy yet but it will be later 3mm Acrylic will serve as out motherboard tray for this project, some cutting and measuring. Aluminum bars for the skeletal system of the modular test bench. http://i65.tinypic.com/2a4tmj6.jpg http://i63.tinypic.com/34e28mh.jpg So those are all that I have so far, I am working on the measurements them cut them altogether then screw or have them riveted to the relevant points. Next update will be on the weekend, see ya!
  4. The case for this project has finally arrived it is a Core X71 and here's a quick look. It comes with a couple of Riing 14 Blue out of the box which is nice though I am not going to use them for this build. The case is tall I like it Next is to dismantle some parts of the case and for that I will be back very soon
  5. Hi Thanks! I will try both but yes permanently I would like to use an AIO for this
  6. Hello again everyone! my name is or Mickee from the Philippines and I would like to present this build/casemod called BULGAR. As of now I have a simple sketch of the casemod that I have in mind, this will be based on Thermaltake's Core X71, I named it BULGAR which is a Filipino urban word for revealing. by far here are the things that I have in mind for this casemod: - Create a modular test bench that perfectly fits the case - Remove the back panel and both side panels of the case for easy removal of the modular test bench. - Motherboard will be laying on a 45 degree angle tray. - Fabricate brackets that will support the case since it will be without the back panel, motherboard tray and both side panels. - Fabricate custom covers for the side of the case but it will not be a full cover panel - Color Scheme for the case is Black, White and Orange. - Watercool the CPU. Some parts of the design might change as I go along the process but I have high hopes with sticking to the plan, So for now I am sourcing the materials that I will use which are mainly Acrylic and Aluminum sheets as well as Aluminum bars. I will be back with actual progress on the case and other components again thank you very much and have a great day.
  7. Update time, Final Shots of what has become of the Case. Thank you very much for the opportunity of sharing this build
  8. Update Time, here is the finished internal layout of Project Fusebox in no particular order Thanks! be right back
  9. I will be back in a few thanks!
  10. First off i'd like to share this short clip on how I made the GPU back plate and MSI Gaming Dragon logo on the custom side panel. We also received a great line up of TteSPORTS gears yay! POSEIDON Z RGB (BLUE SWITCH EDITION) VENTUS X Gaming Mouse DASHER XXL Size Extended Gaming Mouse Pad CRONOS AD Gaming Headset HYPERION Gaming Headset Cradle Finally the SSD and RAMs from Avexir Technologies Much love! Please watch the short videos that we did for them
  11. Update time just a few though and there is one week left before deadline... This is the front I/O ports, it is normally lays flat on top of the case. It is cable management time, sorry for the poor quality picture. Ta daaa But wait I want to give it a little old school sci-fi , robotic roughed up machine effect Sprayed it with Medium Grey, the orange parts between the gaps are still visible so I need to use a small brush for that. Of course weather it And those are all for now, the next update will be massive Cheers!
  12. A sort of update, We're kinda' way past this stage but I have nothing to do as of the moment regarding this mod because I have finished about 95% of the work. So while waiting for the other essential PC parts to arrive I checked the videos that I took while working on this project and found that I did make a quick unboxing so here it is sorry about the quality as I am still learning how to do this Thanks!
  13. Very little update I made an acrylic backplate for the MSI GTX 950 OC 2X Armor Thanks
  14. Update time I added more details to the side panel on the back end. MSI Gaming Dragon and MadMods PC Modding Decal. I felt that the space next to the dragon was a bit empty. So again I grabbed the rattle can, tissue, paint brush and sand paper Closer look at the MSI Gaming Dragon Logo Oh this shot doesn't have the additional scratches next to the dragon.. Those are all for now Thanks
  15. I made a short clip on watercooling this project Thanks i'll be back with more
  16. Hi I am back with a few updates I just want to introduce the motherboard, processor and graphics card that we will use for this project Intel Core i5 6600K MSI Geforce GTX 950 OC Armor 2X MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon I will be back with creating a backplate for the GPU and the rear I/O Panel of the motherboard. Thanks again! see ya around
  17. Hi my name is Mickee from the Philippines, I am back with another casemod I hope you guys would like it. For the materials I will be mainly using 3mm thick plexiglass and some spray cans. PC Hardware: Chassis: Tecware Alpha System Fans: ID Cooling Fan NO12025 Watercooling: Thermaltake Pacific watercooling components CPU: Core i5 6600K Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming Carbon GPU: GEFORCE® GTX 950 2GD5T OC PSU: Bitfenix Fury 550G HDD: 1TB Western Digital Blue SSD: TBA RAM: TBA Here we go! Base case Disassembly To come up with a new look for the front panel, I removed the wire mesh and the honeycombed grill beneath it then made some acrylic panels using a motosaw. Painted the case matte black as well as the new front panel. Side panels from white to silver. Since the case has a built in PSU shroud I decided not to change it and just add a few details. Painted I do not have a solid plan for this build to be honest that's why the design in my mind keeps on changing. (Yes this is not good a practice) I ditched the original sidepanels and created new ones using plexiglass. Painted. I will use these sliders to mount the new panel on the backside of the case. Here it is mounted, Im quite happy with how it turned out and everything can still be easily accessed from the back of the case if needed be. I have also started to apply the weathering details using spray cans, dry towels, sand paper and a paint brush. Gave the front I/O ports a little tilt. More acrylic for the side panel (front side) air vent style. Additional details for the new sidepanel. Glued together, painted and weathered. Those are all for now, I will be back to introduce and install the PC Components that we will use for this mod or If additional ideas pop up then I will be screwed :duh: but so far I really am enjoying this and that is the most important part Thanks see you on the next update,
  18. Hi, I would like to share my build on the Thermaltake Core X31 Specs: Processor : Core i5 4570 Motherboard: MSI Z97s SLI Plus GPU: MSI R7770 Power Edition RAM: 16GB kit Avexir Raiden DDR3 SSD: 64GB Adata m.2 HDD: 1TB WD Blue Case Fans : Thermaltake Riing 12 Blue Liquid Cooling System By Thermaltake Here she is : Thanks
  19. Update time PSU and SSD Cover Final Shots Lightning! Thanks for viewing this quick worklog, again thank you very much Thermaltake for letting me work on this unique chassis Have a great day everyone see you again on the next build.
  20. Hi Welcome to project Wind Rave - MSI Pro Mods S3 Specs: Motherboard: Z97S SLI PLUS GPU: GTX 760 RAM: 16Gb Avexir Raiden DDR3 Storage: 2TB Seagate Sata HDD PSU: Thermaltake DPS G 1200W Chassis: Thermaltake Core P5 Cooler: Thermaltake Liquid cooling components, fittings and White Riing 120 Fans. CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition Here Are the Components that we are going to use : 1st are Stuff from Thermaltake, Thank you very much for the support The Core P5 is such an amazing case to work around with but I would also like an ITX version Awesone stuff Thermaltake! Moving on to the the very sexy rams from Avexir, DDR3 Raiden. Motherboard from MSI This build is an entry to MSI's Pro Mods Season 3 and they are encouraging everyone to come up with a black an white themed build apparently my motherboard has a lot of blue on it so I decided to go with Black, White and Blue for my color scheme which matches the Raiden's as well So im gonna change those blue from the heat sinks to white The Riing 120 fans and the Pacific RL360 Radiator And here they are I'll be back to finish this worklog I'm really sleepy right now
  21. I would like to Nominate the following modders : Philippines, Andrew Lee : https://www.facebook.com/andrewleekho?fref=ts Japan : Von Carlo : https://www.facebook.com/ReaperVon?fref=ts
  22. Almost ready for battle buratatatatatat! Under two weeks to go, you can do it!
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