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Found 4 results

  1. I recently experienced a very specific issue I haven't been able to definitely figure out, even though I remedied it: Long story short, I have two sets of SWAFAN 120mm fans (6 fans total, configured on three ports on the controller, in arrays of 3, 2, and 1). I started getting a Fan Controller Warning pop-up while specifically playing a video game. I looked up that issue and saw that many people get it without a known cause, and nothing was out of place. Everything looked good on the case, I ignored the error. After a day of seeing that error while playing games, and in the middle of a game, I looked over to my computer case where all 6 of the SWAFANs were stopped, yet all of their LEDs were still on-- the LEDs were even still configurable in TT RGB Plus, but their fan speeds all reported as 0 rpm. Resetting and rescanning the controller did nothing to get the fans moving again. When I restarted the computer, the fans STILL were not moving, with the LEDs on-- TT RGB Plus would even load the profile the same. I tested this with 5+ restarts, unplugging the power supply and draining the remaining power, etc, and every time it came up with no fan movement. The Fan Controller Warning also displayed once TT RGB started each time. Since I bought two sets of SWAFANs, I remembered that they both came with fan controllers. Assuming first that this problem was localized to just the SWAFANs (all other fans on the computer including the fans on my Thermaltake TOUGHAIR 510 were fine), I swapped out the controller with the extra one. On reboot, the fans came up just fine and the issue was solved. So if you're having this very specific problem, swapping out the controller is probably the solution. I can assume that I was getting a Fan Controller Warning ahead of this happening because there was something wrong with the original controller, but it's frustrating that these warnings don't actually cite what the actual issue is-- it would be great if that information could be made available? I don't know what the cause of my original issue is other than that the controller was maybe bad. So my question to the forum here: Does anybody know what would cause an issue like this, is this an issue with the SWAFANs specifically that other people have experienced, and would Thermaltake consider making the Fan Controller Warnings actually log what's triggering that popup? Also, can I plug the SWAFANs directly into my motherboard fan headers instead of using the controller? I value fans working more than I value clean cable management. If I could make sure this issue never happens again that would be preferred.
  2. I currently have 6 Riing Quad fans installed in my PC case with 2 controllers, each connecting to 3 fans. I had to clean my case recently, so I took all the fans out, but when I reinstalled them back and booted my PC, only one controller was working, and the other was not. I had them previously work perfectly. This time I only have the fans spinning usually, but the RGB will not light up. I also tried different methods like using a separate molex cable to power that controller, but the problem still exists. *I'm also thinking of buying TT Sync Controller TT Premium Edition to solve the issue, will I be able to control the fans in TT RGB PLUS if I do so?
  3. So I just built my 1st PC. Been researching for couple years, putting it off an putting it off.. Any way. Yesterday I built my computer. In my v71 case. Everything has been working fine. Well I powed on my tower an all sudden fan LEDs got real dim. And the Switch turn turn off and on the fan LEDs does nothing. Things I have tried to do to fix: Unplugged each fan an directly pluged them into my motherboard system fan plugins Results: each fan does what it is supposed to do. But the blue LEDs on each fan are very dim. So I unscrewed the circuit board with the fan controls, reset button, and led on/of switch. Under the pannel it looks like where the solder is for the LED switch is fries an looks burned up.. In conclusion my switch does not for to turn off leds, All 3 of my fans LEDs are now ruined.. I ordered my case from B&H Any one know if it's possible to speak with a representative to get my fans an that swich panel replaces with out having to undo my build... I put a lot into my build. Took forever to get everything clean an tidy an I don't want to have to redo it all...
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