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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, This is not a driver request post. This is an actual driver release/testing post. As some of you might know, TtEsports Poseidon Z keyboard does not work properly on Mac OS X. Symptoms like typing "e" generates "e ", pressing "tab" results in nothing are seen under Mac OS X. I programmed an in-kernel driver for Poseidon Z keyboard to replace the stock IOUSBHIDDriver.kext generic USB keyboard driver for Poseidon keyboard. This driver currently only supports Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It's not because it uses any new features of Yosemite. It simply because I have upgraded all my Macintoshes and Hackintoshes to 10.10. I have no testing environment for older Mac OS X systems. This driver only drives Poseidon Z keyboard, even though its name is misleading (TtEsportsUSBHIDDriver.kext). In other works, vendor ID 0x566, product ID 0x3067. To install the driver, I recommend to use Kext Utility.app, which I already include in the download package. Please download the driver package at http://cl.ly/2u2m230n1S35?_ga=1.36054240.1744096441.1388556674first. Please unpack the package, you will find three components: TtEsportsUSBHIDDriver.kext, Kext Utility.app and IORegistryExplorer.app. Follow the steps below to install. 0. Disable the check of driver signatures by using the command below in Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app sudo nvram boot-args=kext-dev-mode=1 It's worth mentioning that this command will need to be rerun after whenever you issue an nvram clear (i.e., Command+Option+P+R during booting). A more permanent solution is editing /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist. Please restart your Mac after this step. 1. Drag "Kext Utility.app" to your Applications folder, and launch it. 2. Type in your login password, and wait until it's done with its work. 3. Drag TtEsportsUSBHIDDriver.kext into the window of Kext Utility, and type in your password again. Wait until it's done. 4. Replug in your Poseidon Z keyboard. If it still doesn't work, reboot your Mac and plug in your keyboard. If your keyboard still doesn't work after the steps above, please launch "IORegistryExplorer.app" and search for "TtEsports". If you cannot find the driver like what is shown on the screenshot, then the driver doesn't work for you, please reply this post. FYI, I'm using a blue switch Poseidon Z.
  2. Now i use TT ESPORTS POSEIDON Z RGB and it not in warranty i try to find new POSEIDON Z RGB but sold out. i want to buy new keyboard but i don't know TT PREMIUM KEYBOARD is support macOS ? like POSEIDON Z RGB ? - TT PREMIUM LEVEL20 (CHERRY MX BLUE) - TT PREMIUM X1 (CHERRY MX BLUE) i try to find any review in youtube channel but no talk about support macOS.
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