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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. I need a case on the cheap side with at least 3 x 3.5" I read the specs for the Versa H15 (CA-1D4-00S1NN-00) but couldn't find a picture to confirm and I'm not sure if this is accurate. Can you help? TIA
  2. I’m trying to install case fans in the front of the case, but I can’t access the filter because the front of the case is blocking access to it. Apparently the front can be removed, so I was wondering how to do that.
  3. Hello. I was about to install my 3.5' HDD in the case but none of the screws fit in there. I saw a video where the guy used the (only) pointy screws that come with the case, but they didn't fit in mine, as opposed to the video which seamed to fit just fine, without forcing them. Am I supposed to force the screws in? What am I doing wrong? HALP PLZ
  4. I have these components: Motherboard: Asus Prime x370-PRO RGB CPU: AMD Ryzen7 1700 GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Dual-Fan 1806MHz RAM: 32GB (2 x 16GB) Kingston HyperX Predator 3000Mhz DDR4 Hard Drive: Kingston HyperX Savage SSD Sata3 960GB Chassis: Thermaltake Versa H21 (No Window) Liquid Cooler: Yes (Thermaltake)
  5. Hello guys, had no idea Tt had a community forum section. I've been a Tt fan for nearly 15 years, I've always bought PSU, to computer chassis, so i decided to build another computer using a Tt case I now own a Thermaltake N121 Versa, i have all the parts, im upset and couldnt get anything completed at times, usually take 50 mins to build a computer which have for many years. So i only have a Tt 1200 PSU, 1 Tt RGB fan. no hard drives or nothing. the problem is i have no idea how to get the top panel off so i can install the radiator. and take off the front door bezel. I wen to youtube and searched but most of those videos where "fast forward" videos of a man building a computer using the same case as me, and didnt see what he had did for removal of both. Has any one shot videos taken off the top panel and front door bezel? That is if you own any Versa cases. I am pretty depressed because I need my system assembled by myself. Thanks in Advance !
  6. Hi Guys, Apologies if I have done something wrong or posting in the incorrect place, Im struggling to find any information about how to remove the front panel off my chassis as I want to install the fans and need to screw them in from the front from what I can see
  7. I have two HDD's installed to my Versa N21 case, and have a third HDD I want to install; however, the case only came with two sleds, and I can't find where to buy a third sled for this case anywhere. Any help? Pictures of needed sled: http://imgur.com/7WEwgUx http://imgur.com/efBxhrz http://imgur.com/2akldVc
  8. I have two HDD's installed to my Versa N21 case, and have a third HDD I want to install; however, the case only came with two HDD sleds, and I can't find where to buy sleds for this case anywhere. Any help? Sled: http://imgur.com/7WEwgUx Accidentally posted two posted. See post above for more pictures of sled
  9. On the H25 Im having some trouble removing the side panels. There are only 2 screws to remove and you have to pry the side panel off. The issue is that the metal seems to bend and Im worrying that I might break it. Is it usually this difficult to take off or is there another way to take it off?
  10. Hi guys, I bought a PC, and they assembled it with the versa H23. Now, I need to clean it, and the dust filters are all dusty, and I don't know how to remove the front panel. I really don't know much about hardware. The instruction manual didn't tell me anything regarding the topic.
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