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Found 3 results

  1. I just bought a 3 pack of Pure Plus 12 fans from Best Buy, and TT RGB Plus is not detecting the controller. I have seen a lot of things saying that this product doesn't work so great with Ryzen CPUs and that is indeed what I have (ryzen 5 2600). However, I tried plugging the controller into the usb ports in the rear and front I/O panels and it still went undetected. I have an Asrock B450m HDV R4.0 and I have tried both it's usb headers. The fans run fine and light up, but just the software will not work. The micro usb cable does work when connected to the motherboard since it charges my wireless headphones. I have also tried controller the software from my laptop with an Intel processor and it still does not detect the controller. Please help.
  2. I tried to PM thermalmake he can't accept PM's directly. I have tried different versions of the TT software I am about ready to throw all this Thermaltake stuff in the trash and start over, I have spent the last three days reading the forums and I am not alone with the issues I am having. (TT Controller 1) 3x Thermaltake PurePlus 12 fans (TT Controller 2) 2x Thermaltake PurePlus 12 fans (TT Controller 3) 2x Thermaltake PurePlus 14 fans (TT Controller 4) 2x Thermaltake pacific PR22-D5 pumps (not installed not even opened so I can try and get my money back) (TT Controller 5) 3x Thermaltake Pacific Lumi Plus strips no chaining all using a port on the controller TTC1 and TTC2 Controllers are plugged into a MB header using the TT supplied cable. the rest are daisy chained using the TT supplied cables. Thermal Take The Tower 900 currently making up custom cables and was going to move my system over now I don't even want the name Thermaltake anywhere near my desk. Issue #1 Every time my computer goes into Power save when I wake it up all my fans are reset to default I have to close the TT app and reopen it, post on the forums say "that is the way the app works' funny my motherboard doesn't do this, my Aquacomputer Farbwerk didn't do this and my old CoolerMaster R4-120R-203-R1 didn't do this. I dropped well over 800 bucks into Thermaltake RGB gear for this build and it doesn't even work correctly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJAXygTkBKI Issue #2 I want TTC 1,2,3 and 4 to be Cross Red, I want TTC #5 to be temp simple and something I have done with other RGB systems, when I try to do this on the Thermaltake I can set TTC 1,2,3,4 to cross red once I sent any controller to be temp all of the RGB switches to temp as soon as I hit save. https://youtu.be/xdFwgTE3Y3c (my System) MSI X299 , 9900X, 32G Corsair ddr4 and a 1080ti Hydro Copper
  3. Hi all, I've been searching this forum for about 4 hours trying all the solutions I can find. But all of this effort is to no avail. I cannot get the software to detect the controller no matter what I do. The fans work, as do the LED's. But i have no option to do anything in the software. The mobile application does bring up my desktop, and the Razer Synapse software both show it as well. I have an ASUS Prime Z270AR motherboard with an I5 7600K. Any help would be appreciated. Edit: I have the Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 three pack with controller.
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