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Found 4 results

  1. Please answer the following question on this thread to be in the draw to win a Core V1! Week 1: 8/19 ~ 8/26 Question 1: What is your name?
  2. Hey guys, We have a long list of competitions that we plan to run! HOWEVER... We need to hear from you guys too! We need to know what kind of competition you guys wanted us to create! But there's no forum thread dedicated to your competition ideas...so I have created this! So if you have an awesome, perfect and creative idea for a competition, here is the place where you let us know! You don't have to provide us too much detail, just your basic ideas are fine! We love creating competitions for you guys to win awesome prizes! I'll be checking with you guys regularly to see what cool ideas you've come up with and I might just create a competition that you wanted!
  3. Please answer the following question on this thread to be in the draw to win a Core V1! Week 2: 8/26 ~ 9/2 Question 2: Where is the 5.25 bay located on the Core V1?
  4. Promotion Date: 8/18 ~ 9/29 To celebrate the launch of Tt Community we will be running a weekly giveaway for 6 consecutive weeks! Rules are simple; simply register as a user and answer the question on the Events>Giveaway thread each week, current members can enter too! Prizes include 5 x Thermaltake Core V1, Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate, DPS G Power supply NOTE: Competition will be open for all regions and the winners will be picked by random. There will be a new thread each week in the Giveaway thread so look out for it!
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