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Found 2 results

  1. I have recently bought a set of Riing 12s and Riing 14s to put into my NZXT SS340 Case and onto my Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. I have a 550W psu and an ASUS M5a97 R2.0 mobo. When i put all the fans in and connect them up to the controllers, with each controller going to a different a PWM slot, one controller works fine, speed lights etc work (red light the controller), but the other doesnt respond to anything (has a blue light on the controller). Is the controller broken or have I connected it to the wrong pin slot????????
  2. Hello TTers.. This is my first experience with water cooling. You can tell I'm such a newb because I have my radiator and motherboard in its own loop. Geez Leweez. I have the W4 RGB water block, PR22 cylinder with water pump, (2) Riing12 fans, and an RL240 radiator for my Formula IX motherboard. I will be overclocking this rig with the i7 7700k and 4133 memory. Because of my case, I have positioned the pump on its side because thats the only way it will fit with my mandingo graphix card. I assume it can still pump water on its side, if not.. I'll tackle that bridge when i get there. I will have the computer on its side when i fill the pump and for testing purposes, so that the pump is up right to begin with. The first question I have is about preventing leaks. I assume the little hole on top that goes down a narrow tube in the cylinder is for filling the pump. After filling the pump, I want to prevent leaks. I purchaged Permatex to help with that. I'm wondering if I apply the sealant just under the horizontal surface of the cap where it meets the cylinder head or do i apply it to the threads as well to prevent leakage. That same question goes for the g1/4 inch fittings as well. Do I want to get that sealant in on the threads to prevent leaks on my video card or mother board? Also is it safe if some of it touches the o-ring? It designed to seal, so I'm hoping I made the right choice in product. Snd question.. My motherboard. It has 4 RGB headers. 2 are for the armor lighting, and I've put the W4 RGB water block in the 3rd because I didnt want to use the control box it came with, I was wondering if i could put 2 daisy chained strings of led lights y-adaptered with the water block and put the 2 riing 12 fans on a Y adapter into the 4th? The fans are 1500 rpm max and size 120x120. Even though I'm new to RGB and water cooling.. I'm good at figuring things out. Some suggestions and advisement would be appreciated. Am looking forward to being a contributing member to this community. Thanks in advance. Daddy
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