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Found 5 results

  1. Hello dear Thermaltake Community! my name is Arthur and I have a question. Each time I start my computer, the Tt eSPORTS Gaming Software (V.3.0.3) for my TALON RGB ELITE GAMING MOUSE starts automatically. But it pops up again and again. How can I set it so that it does not pop up, or is not opened on the desktop immediately? I would appreciate any helpful answer from you! Best wishes and a nice day!
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  3. sorry if i created this topic in the wrong area, i'm new here. Hello, ive been trying to fix this problem for the last 2 years and i cant find a fix for it, i had no problems with this mouse since ive bought it and now every time i plug it into ANY computer or USB port. it will let me move my mouse but anytime i click on a program or file it wont let me click on anything afterwards. its like everything goes to the background. i wont be able to click on windows/start to restart my PC. i'll have to either force shutdown for alt + F4 to fix this. but if i leave the mouse plugged into the unit it will cause this problem again. i've updated the firmware on it and ive tried different units, and they all get the same problem. ive looked everywhere for a fix and i can't find anything. does anyone have any idea on how to fix this or has had this problem and has found a fix for it. mouse has no warranty anymore.
  4. Hi guys Firstly, thank you for the cool mouse and the great features! However, I'm experiencing a problem with your mouse software (BlackElement.exe). As long as the software runs, the windows feature "Show window contents while dragging" in the System Properties gets disabled (the according registry entry stays how he was set however...). How can I disable this behaviour? How does it affect your software when window contents are shown while dragging? See http://www.thewindowsclub.com/disable-show-windows-contents-while-dragging for information about the setting. Thank you for the input! Regards from Switzerland, Florian
  5. Hi everyone, i bought a "Tt-eSports Shock One" headset in 2015, so... today i decided to update my windows from 7 to windows10 (7 ultimate -> 10 pro). Everything is fine but i can't use correctly the headset software, i try to apply a configuration but doesnt work, the equalizer doesnt work, etc. I found the solution which is to config it manually from: "Control panel -> Hardware and Sound -> *Sound -> Manage audio devices* -> SpeakersTtShockOne/HeadphoneTtShockOne/etc -> Properties" And you need to activate all the options so you have to configure your headset manually. But, there any way to do it like old way? i mean you open your Tt Shock One software, and you configure it from there... Thanks for reading! Greetings from Chile *Sorry for my bad english :s
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