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Found 6 results

  1. My first attempt at hard tubing in the X71, I tried to fit a EK-CoolStream CE 280 double at the top and a EK-CoolStream CE 420 Triple at the front but couldn't get the top one in because of clearance. Tubing is not the best and no where near straight, I'm thinking of redoing that centre tube coming from the out port of the CPU block back to the res. And it being my first hard tubing go, I wasted quite a bit of tube. My advice is plan and measure your tube routs carefully first before turning the heat gun on. I'm a little disappointed in this case, however I'm going to try and make the
  2. Hi Guy's I am new to this forum. I have started a new project (no name) in the x71 case. I am going to be modding the front of the case and adding temper glass. It will have a dual loop two pumps two Res and two 360 rads, I am looking at replacing the motherboard tray and add my own plus a few little surprise a long the way. Also going to we extending and sleeving all cables. Components. CPU: i7 4770K overclock to 4.6 RAM: Corsair vengeance Ram 16gb GPU: Zotec 980ti PSU: Corsair ax 860 WATERBLOCKS: EK 2x Pump: EK d5 2x RAD: EK 360 FANS: 7x 120 Riing 12 thermaltake RGB FAN
  3. Starting a new project! Project Thunder is based on a beautiful black X71 by Thermaltake! As all my mods, it will have custom liquid loops and this time the color theme will be a little bit different Stay tuned! Thanks to Thermaltake Technology Inc
  4. kodipa


    this is my mod of the faboulus X71 CORE CASE i love this case ...... the build take me over a month (in little spaces of free time.....) i have made a "liquid" lightbox ....really hard work ... but the result....... is special im very very happy for the result .... the X71 is a big jewel for custom loop .... thanks thermaltake Marco Milano - Italy
  5. I've read and been told some conflicting info so I'm hoping you all can help... I really want to buy the X71 Tempered Glass Case but unsure if these rads will fit, I have 3 rads I want to install, 40mm thick 360 in the top, 45mm thick 420 in the front and a 40mm thick 360 in the bottom pedestal left hand side. Will this all fit? I've seen a photo of a 360 in the bottom but then it doesn't seem to have much room for a front based rad that's dipping in to the bottom section.... would there be 45mm space to slide a 420 in? Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  6. So I have begun the ascent into the custom water cooling and case realm. I currently have a junkyard wars type of system that has some good components, however it looks like total crap. So I am slowly collecting the parts needed to put together what will hopefully be a visually impressive, even if a bit minimalist type of design. I am in the process of mocking up the system to see how everything will fit and to determine the best position for the rads, pump and res. What I have so far... I'm probably forgetting something 1- x71 Case 3- 360mm XSPC White radiators 9- Riing
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