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LEVEL 10 M Diamond Black Can't use config


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Guest Tt Josh

I plugged the mouse into my computer and put the disk in and downloaded the software. I ran it and it won't let me open the config. I re-downloaded from the website and it's still not working.

Hey DrZoddiak,


Did you try downloading this? Try uninstall the previous software and download the UI below:




Try this and keep us updated. ;)

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Is there any update to this problem with the mouse not being recognised and the software not running? I haven't seen anything but "we are escalating the issue" over and over again in multiple posts, but not one update since, and these posts go back to july of 2016...


$70+ piece of hardware that it's own software doesn't recognise, Including the "firmware update"... this is rediculous.


Problem exsist for me on win 10 pro x64 platform, on every rig I try it on (total of 6 I own) and it is the same on every one.


Mouse is only recognised by windows as an "HID-Compliant device", no control over the different buttons/keys, lighting, sensitivity, etc without the software and the software won't find it; keeps asking me to "plug in device" and I have done so over and over again in multiple USB ports with no change.. I'm stuck with a $70+ basic mouse. Please do something about a proper driver for this or lets talk about a refund of my purchase. I could have spent $10 bucks for a basic mouse if that's what I wanted... :angry:


(NOTE) mouse and software work fine on win 7 pro x64 platform, so obviously its a win 10 driver issue ( which there appears to be no driver available?), please do something about this already, it's been long enough...

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