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hose leak on thermaltake level 10 gt lcs

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Hello everyone,


I have a leak on the return hose, as shown on the picture. You can feel the small hole on the hose with the finger too..I think this was caused by more vibrations on the LCS since I've lost the rear fan.


Anyone had this problem happening? Any advice for a solution or a proceedure would be greatly appreciated :) thank you!post-5963-0-71978200-1428400166_thumb.jpg



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Hi djehankidd

Thanks for choosing Thermaltake's products.

Could you please advise where and when did you buy this case ? And please kindly offer the serial number of the LCS.

And please advise where do you live , we can have our distribution to help.


Thank you.

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Hello Franck,


I ordered the case on 9/9/2011 at amazon.fr from vendor "RLO France" (their official website is rlo24.com)

The serial is VN10031W2N1107000123


I looked into the "where to buy" part of the thermaltake website , the french website it pointed out to doesn't have anything listed yet, so I need to know where I could get a replacement hose or a replacement LCS, from anywhere in the world, thank you.


In the meantime in order to continue working, I have very slightly elevated the hose with a small rope I attached to the case, so the affected part doesn't touch anything and it gave me room to apply a layer of silicon on the leaking part so it doesn't leak anymore, idk how long this will last but at least I can continue working while looking for proper replacement parts.

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