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Steve N. Mavronis

Core V21

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Hello this is my first post here. I've been a PC tech since 1985 and currently have a GW FX530 computer that is going on 8 years old. I want to build a high end gaming PC myself this time so last weekend I was at a local computer store which ends up carrying Thermaltake products. There while looking at computer cases I saw a Thermaltake V1 case on display. It looks pretty cool so I decided to look it up on the Internet when I got home because I wasn't too familiar with Thermaltake and had been mostly scoping out the competitors so far. Then I discovered the Core V21 case that works out as a better option for me because I love the mATX small format cases and because it includes dust filters. So I think this would be the perfect case for me!


I've watched all the english YouTube reviews out there so far as well as many webpage reviews. But I have a questions/comments about the V21:


  1. I noticed on the bottom panel there are vent holes in the front half that are not dust filtered. Does Thermaltake sell a separate magnetic dust filter that would fit that space?
  2. Just to make sure is the PSU mounting bracket included with the case?
  3. Any suggestions for neat cable management in an open case like this? I know they can be tucked in the lower compartment but they can be seen through the large window if used on the side instead of the top. Maybe it would be cool to have a centered cable shroud box with grommets underneath they could be hidden into or removable side shields covering the front lower half? I guess I could DIY those.
  4. I debating doing CPU heatsink/fan air filtering because there is so much headroom in this case. It almost begs for it and I think they look cool just to be different too. Besides everyone and their brother are doing radiator liquid coolers nowadays. Any recommendations for a big high end CPU heatsink cooler for a mATX board with good RAM clearance?
  5. P.S. You need a forum sticky for a Core V21 owners club. ;)

I've been planning my build for sometime now with the major internal components basically picked out. I'm timing my build for this Summer when Windows 10 gets released and to prep for the upcoming Unreal Tournament VI 3D shooter release. Waiting a bit more also keeps me on the lookout for new motherboard and cooler releases too.

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Yiasou Steve,


Just making an assumption there hehe.


Here are some answers I can give, though I haven't owned this case


1) I don't think so, but you can buy extra fan filters, both from Thermaltake (I think they're called Matrix) and Silverstone, or DemciFlex/Demcifilter that sells different configurations and sizes

2) Yes

3) Silverstone Power supplies can be outfitted with their PP05-E "short cable set" that would eliminate some of the extra slack cable to help ease cable management.

4) Noctua NH-U12S or maybe NH-U14S are two from the top of my head. It also depends what type of CPU you are putting in and desired overclocks

5) Agreed


This is a great case, and if I was looking to do a water or air cooled MATX rig this would be a top-three case in my mind, and top two of cube style cases. It is one of the few (as well as the V1) that does horizontal motherboard configuration right. Most others like the popular Bitfenix Prodigy are a lot more difficult to integrate into due to their lack of removable top panels.


Good luck!

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Yes I am half-Greek on my father's side. ;)


  1. I noticed after my post that Thermaltake sells two sizes of magnetic dust filters, basically sized for 120mm and 140mm fans. I have no clue exactly how big the vented bottom is to be covered.
  2. Thanks for confirming.
  3. I'll check out that cable set to see if they are universal for modular PSU's.
  4. I like Noctua air coolers. I think only ones made for using 120mm fans will fit without overlapping the GPU socket. I'm planning on using an Intel i7 4790K CPU in an Asus Maximus VII Gene Z97 mATX motherboard. I'm worried about the room between the CPU socket and first PCIe slot for the GPU which I think will be a EVGA Nvidia 980GTX SC. Plus there is a little daughter card pin connector for the little Maximus VII's SupremeFX Impact II audio daughter card. I'd like to be able to use tall RAM heat spreaders for overclocking memory too. I'm open to either tower cooler or the overhead low profile coolers that sit higher off the CPU socket or could be turned sideways. I haven't ruled out liquid coolers though so we'll see.

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I have a question about a new build I'm putting together using this chassis in it's shipped state. With one windowed panel and two vented panels, I wonder about the best configuration for airflow.


The intention was the window on the side near the video card, with a Swiftech H240-X CPU cooler mounted above it as exhaust, two Cougar 140mm fans on the front directed as intake and one Cougar 140mm on the back for exhaust.


The front panel has openings on the side of my stacked fans that were there to accomodate the 200mm fan. Will I need to cover that in some way to keep a high static pressure and to prevent air pulling around the side instead of from the room?


With the single 240 radiator up top, some air will naturally escape through the other half of the vented top. Will that keep enough air from flowing over my open air GPU?


With a second vented side panel what keeps the air moving in a direct path to cool components instead of bleeding out through that panel?


Obviously my biggest concern is the GPU. The CPU has an oversize AIO liquid cooler on it, but without putting an intake fan right next to the GPU or rigging a baffle in the front to force the intake air to the left, how do I keep the air going where I want it?


I'm considering putting a piece of cling wrap between the filter and the right panel so that it doesn't exhaust, and covering half of the top the same way. The second way which I'm not excited to undertake would be a second window panel and dremmeling out intakes for two fans on that side so that air can't just bleed out through the rest of the panel. Any thoughts?



OCZ Fatal1ty 1000w PSU,

ASRock Z97M Fatal1ty

Core i7 4790K overclocked to at least 4.3-4.5

Corsair Vengeance 1866 16gb

Samsung 850 Pro 256Gb SSD

MSI GTX980 Gaming Twin Frozr

Swiftech H240-X (x1)

Cougar 140mm Hydro (x3)



I'll post pictures when I'm done but the entire inside has been repainted. :)


I've decided to go with a vertical motherboard setup.


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Suggestion for Thermaltake:


It would have been nice to have a cable management panel with grommets that partially covers 1/2 to 2/3 of the opening between the motherboard tray and front of the case, still leaving room for any possible radiator and/or fans. From pictures there looks like holes drilled along the side bar edges of the motherboard mounting plate that something like this could attach to. I think an added cable management plate with maybe two rubber grommet holes would look really great and cancel some of the criticism in reviews of the case over excess cables tucked underneath being exposed to view due to the large window showing some of the lower deck area.


I'm planning a Summer 2015 build using the Core V21 anyway and think I'm going to make my own cable management panel as an easy internal improvement mod. I hope Thermaltake sees some merit in this. I would have been willing to pay the little extra it would cost to include with the case.

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What is the best case fan setup? Are 2x120mm or 2x140mm intake fans give better airflow than the stock 200mm fan for positive pressure? Should the rear fan size generally match, I.E., dual 140mm intake fans and a 140mm rear exhaust fan? I'm not sure about roof fans because I'm not decided on case orientation and window panel placements if using a horizontal motherboard setup, like 2 side window panels and vented roof, or just go vertical like a tower case with a single side window.


I'm waiting deciding on a case to all the Nvidia GTX 980 TI non-reference cards  when they are released but everything else is already picked out for a complete air cooled rig.

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Hello, I'm the happy future owner of a Core V21 too. I'm missing too a Core v21 club. TT can fix that :D.


I have two questions:

1. there is some place to buy more two fan rails??? I not found anywhere in internet and TT not answered my e-mails.

2. Guys think that is possible mount 4x4 140mm fans with 120mm fan mounts on top?



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Get few answers:

1. There is some place to buy more two fan rails??? I not found anywhere in internet and TT not answered my e-mails.

One TT guy said to send msg to TT: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1874-core-v21-fan-rails/?p=12272... will try because TT Brazil did not reply.


2. Guys think that is possible mount 4x4 140mm fans with 120mm fan mounts on top?



Well, it is possible but with some casemod. The rails has that 90 degree 'side' as seen in:



Because of that we can not put 140mm fans in 120mm mounts, so if you cut that part of rails out, it fits. Maybe if you use some kind of fan holder or support it can fit too.

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