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TT RGB Plus software keeps popping up.

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Have not seen this one in reading the forums. I have three RGB Plus fans installed and working fine. Configured using the software and all is well EXCEPT: Whenever I open any program, the software pops up to the top of the desktop. For everything. Even goes so far as to launch when I change a color setting in Windows 10! I am at a loss as to the cause or the solution for this bug.

I have not uninstalled the software, as from what I've read that seems to introduce more problems than what I am seeing. Any ideas?

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I'm sick of these #### bugs (especially when it keeps popping up to update so I can't ignore it). I made a post about 6 months ago about the software constantly waking up my hard drives as well. The fan speeds/lighting keep also resetting and the software closes half of the time after the system sleeps. My girlfriend wanted these fans in her new build but I convinced her to buy NZXT instead because the software is a joke considering the price of the fans.

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