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Floe Riing 360 micro usb missing

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My question is:

I bought the floe riing 360 premium addition. 
I have looked everywhere and I cannot find the micro usb to usb 9 pin headed cable anywhere; I believe I was sent the wrong cables. 

What is this cable used for? Just lighting? 

I have already installed the whole aio and I would prefer not to have to take my system apart to send the whole unit back, would I be ok cooling wise if I use my system without that cable until I can work with Thermaltake to get a new cable?


i have included pictures of the cables I DID receive 



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That looks like part of a sync edition. The sync editions use your motherboard rgb header for lighting and don't come with the controller that uses usb to communicate. Can you post a pic of everything that came with the floe riing 360 that you bought? Also where did you buy this maybe a mis-ship?

Did it come with a controller that looks like this CL-F069-PL20SW-A_082b6a64ded54950828949f

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The two first pictures are the cables that I was sent. The last picture is of the controller. According to the manual, TT RGB Plus Software saying that the controller is not connected and any information that I can find online I need to connect the controller to my motherboard using the micro usb to usb header cable that should be in with this model.

Even if it was supposed to connect to the RGB header there is no cable included that would fit in the micro USB port on the controller.

Besides those cables there is also a molex power cable I just couldnt get a good picture of it






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huh that's odd they packed the wrong cable as that is useless to that set. I would contact support for a the cable. For the time being you can use just a standard micro usb to the back of the case. If you don't want to wait for a ome one you can find ones that will work on amazon but shipping seems to be delayed everywhere so who knows who will be faster.

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