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TT RGB Plus Launching Every Few Minutes

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Is there a reason that the TT RGB Plus software launches itself every few minutes? It is really annoying to be working on something and then have the software blast open in front of everything else even when I close out of it. There is seemingly no reason that it should be launching the full software window to continue to run. I am just wondering if there is an issue with the software or if this is something that I am just going to have to constantly minimize and have waste space in my dock at all times that the PC is on while it is installed. This should be a program that runs within the hidden icons section and left there indefinitely without launching a window for them unless the user interacts with the hidden dock icon to adjust settings. This is all happening on the latest Windows 10 build (v1909 build 18363.815) alongside the latest version of the TT RGB Plus software (v1.3.4 f2.0.3) as of the time I am writing this. Any and all help on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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