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ERROR CODE: H_0x0001 with TT Toughpower iRGB Plus 850W 80 Plus Platinum Full Modular

Josue Reyes

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Very good afternoon friends I have a problem with my power supply (iRGB Plus 850W 80 Plus Platinum Full Modular), it gives me the typical error code h_0x0001, I am using a motherboard (Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming). However when connecting with the miniUSB cable from the source to the USB 2.0 connector board, it fails to recognize the power supply.
Please I need help to solve the problem.
-I already tried disconnecting all the fans and connecting only the source and even so it keeps giving error.
-I have also tried connecting the source with a mini-USB cable to an external USB connector on the motherboard and it doesn't work either.
-Finally I tried installing the Software with the latest version of DPS G PC and TTRGB-PLUS, and this has not worked either.
-Playing the connector does not make any signal and does not appear in the device list of my device manager on the computer, nor do they turn on the RGB lights.
I am frankly desperate.

Any help would be very helpful please.
I have already written to TT technical support, but they still do not give me an answer.




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