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TT Riing Plus 12 Premium problems


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I bought the Riing Plus RGB premium edition because on Razer website shows that you are partners and your product works with Razer Chroma. But your software design looks like it's from 2007 and it's a pain to use.
Those are not ones options, which I expected on a Premium product...

Every time my PC wake up from sleep, the RGB fans basically reset to their default lighting mode and becomes unresponsive to the software changes. To make the software and RGB fans in sync again, you need to close to software and restart it. 

But that's not all. Even after restarting the software, when the RGB fans sync is restored, the speakers of my PC make sounds like from a ####!!!
I searched the forum and saw many similar posts dated 2017 and more. What have you been doing all this time that you still not have been able to fix such serious problems???

It seems that this is not a hardware problem and I like the implementation of the RGB lighting sync with Razer Chroma. On the website you say that your software is Patented, but your software is ****.
Maybe it’s time for you to fire your developers and hire someone who can do the good software.


There are many guides on the Internet how to make RGB lighting Razer Chroma sync with NoName RGB fans from aliexpress using Arduino. I am not a developer and it seemed to me that it’s easier to pay for a factory product than to suffer with my own code. But if to be honest, this open source products looks like more finished than yours.

I sincerely hope that you can fix these problems. Then I will have an incentive in the future to buy your products.

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