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Riing plus RGB 20 fan speed

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It gets its rgb data from a 5v argb header on your motherboard and fan speed from the pwm header.

Some questions so I can help you:

How do you have it hooked up? Post some pics if you can.

What motherboard do you have?

What header on said motherboard do you have the pwm corresponding with the riing 20 connected to? 


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this is how i have it hooked up, the pwm cable goes to one of the chassis pwm connectors and the 5v rgb goes to another controller which i can control somewhat of the rgb. i'm using a Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z Mobo which also quit old now. but for some reason the TT fans won't slow down unlike the other fans wich are connected to the cpu header and one of the other pwm header


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don't know what zone it is but i only can configure the cpu header and chassis header in different modes,which are both in silent now. the opt headers are temp controlled. the tt fans are connected to the 2nd header while my other chassis fans are connected to the 1st header in in which they are running slower for silent modus

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