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Yep, I just got the same keyboard (x1 with silver switches), installed the software... it crashes. No error message or anything, just vanishes.

I'm on Windows 8.1 and already have the TT RGB Plus software installed for my case fans, so I wonder if that's causing it. In the Plus software there's an option to sync the keyboard to my first registered case fan so I wonder if that's causing the issue, but I spent so much time setting up profiles for the fans I don't want to uninstall that software unless I have to... (even though it's broken and the "player" music setting doesn't work).

In the main thread for this keyboard one user suggested forgetting about the software and just use the built in shortcuts for lighting effects etc, but none of them work for me anyway. The FN key works with F1-F5 but after that none of them work, and the three top buttons (game controller, brightness and lock?) don't do anything either. The media buttons work but that's built into Windows anyway.

Sigh. #### me once with your software Thermaltake, shame on you. #### me twice, shame on me.......

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Has anyone else had a problem with their keyboard? Honestly, I didn’t even know that it could happen. It just stopped functioning properly after updating to Windows 10. What helped me is updating and reinstalling keyboard drivers. For it you have to have a good driver updater software on your PC which scans your drivers for outdated and corrupted ones.

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I'm not sure which driver is right for the keyboard. Try reinstalling the native driver from the website or searching the Internet for an older version. It's probably the one that will work. In fact, try always to figure it out for yourself. I will personally search the entire Internet and find the answer to the question that torments me. In this key I can recommend https://light-it.net/, there is a lot of useful information and articles. This is not for advertising, but really useful thing, read it for free.

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