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Twin Core X9 Watercooled X99 Build


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Making my debut into modding. I've always wanted to take on a project like this where I spend my time on a build and create/mod something that is living room center piece worthy. I don't have a project name yet but I've got a build plan and am going full steam ahead. It is a learning experience as much as it is fun so please excuse my mess and mistakes. I also started a blog at www.omidmods.com but I wanted to post here because the build is focused around these great new Core X9 cases. I have been waiting for sooooo long for cases like this and now that I have the means and the time to do case modding...... I couldn't wait to start!


Without further delay.... here is what I have done so far:


System Specs:

Intel Core i7 5820K

Asus X99 Deluxe

16GB Corsair DDR4 LPX 2666Mhz

2x eVGA GTX 980 SC

250GB Samsung 840 Pro

120GB Samsung 850 EVO

2x Thermaltake Core X9

Corsair RM1000 PSU


Watercooling Parts (so far):

2x Alphacool D5 Pumps

2x EK CSQ Tops

2x Primochill 240MM CTR Phase II Reservoirs

EK Supremacy EVO

EK Asus X99 Motherboard Block

8x EK Passthrough fittings

2x HardwareLabs Black ICE Nemesis GTX 480 radiators

Hardline Tubing



Fan Controller???

Lots left to get and decide on





Pump-and-Res-Planning-1_zpswxjnbfue.jpgPump-and-Res-Planning-5_zpsrp5sqe4e.jpgPump-and-Res-Planning-2_zpspgipcpkt.jpgPump-and-Res-Planning-4_zpsclas11xm.jpgRad-Compartment_zpsc7ffatke.jpgPump-and-Res-Planning-3_zpsrnwfaqkj.jpgHardware-Labs-Black-Ice-Nemesis-GTX-480-Hardware-Labs-Black-Ice-Nemesis-GTX-480_Glass-Top-3_zpszdcoohfm.jpgGlass-Top-2_zpsfgunkydc.jpgGlass-Top_zpsmdwxncqt.jpgCasters_zpsdgbsi5cs.jpgVandal-Switches_zps6s3aitv7.jpgAlso started a build blog: 


Thats all for now! I'll Post updates as I complete things.

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