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AIO Termaltake th240. malfunction?

Stex Auer

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I put the question mark because I can't give myself the answer. Pc just assembled; I start to work on the bios. 
But CPU temperature rises beyond 90 degrees quickly, excess temperature alarm sounds, and I must turn it off.
I turn it back on, move the hoses connecting the pump to the radiator, and magically the temperature settles, and the alarm ceases.
I let the pc run for a couple of hours. All is well. 
I turn it off to resume work later, and the temperature rises above the critical threshold again.
No dice, everything as before. And this time, no magic.

What could it be? I haven't made any changes.
The power supply to the pump is OK
the fans are running regularly.
I wonder, if there was an error in the pump power supply or radiator cooling, why did it run regularly for two hours?

top-mounted AIO
AMD Ryzen 5600X processor
motherboard B550M Aorus PRO-P


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