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Non-tinted glass options for Core P3?


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I'm just finishing up a (nearly) all white build with the Core P3 Pro Snow.  Been working on it slowly over a few days as parts come in and am thrilled with how it looks so far.

Surprisingly, I find that I don't have a great first impression of the glass panel though, due to the tint.  I figured the grey/black tint to the glass would make everything look better (otherwise, why would it be included?) but I think I'd prefer 100% transparent/clear glass.

Does anyone know if there's a clear glass alternative part that I could order? I can't find it anywhere on the TT store site, of course, but it doesn't look as if there's much there in terms of replacement parts.  The only option I could find is a curved glass replacement, which I actually am tempted by, but that is tinted also.

Alternatively, does anyone have any recommendations or experience with getting custom glass for cases?  I feel like its going to be prohibitively expensive to custom order something with the right size and cut-outs but maybe not!

Thank you to anyone who has advice!


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