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[Canada] Derek Wilson

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Derek and my modding handle and brand is Rhoads Pc. I'm Very glad to have you visit my thread and I'm extremely honoured to be invited to this event. I've followed these TT Case Mod events every year since I got into computer modifications and I've drawn much inspiration from past competitors and builds.

I'd like to start my thread by sharing that the parts have arrived safetly, and after a quick unboxing I've got a few photos to share.





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I must say the new fittings are gorgeous. Isn't it cool that we get to experience new products first hand in an event like this? Thank you TT ☺️


Oh.. what's this, a visitor to the workshop! Hmm, I don't see why not!..


It appears I have a visitor and he is asking if he can get a photo with the new fittings, lets go!




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I thought a picture of myself, in my workshop would fit to start the thread because as we are all Makers, it’s such an honour for Thermaltake to give us this opportunity.

We are given creative freedom over our projects, and supplies with parts and materials required. 

This was the first projects I’ve done in a while where I was told to use my skills, and go ahead and build the project and make the video that live in my heart. I really appreciate this competition and it came at a great time for me as a creative, so THANK YOU Thermaltake and I’m happy for everyone on this forum. We are all winners for being invited and given this opportunity congrats guys 👊 

Now, on with the project !!

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As I shared in my opening photos I was not working alone on this project. I took the time to learn a bit of puppet making, armature work and silicone casting.

This was a much deeper skill set that anticipated but it’s very inspiring and I hope to continue to learn it going forward. These were some of the first armatures and a mold I created in cad then printed. 

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The STORY of the project is simple, 

Our character Brickwell (who you will meet later) had built himself a lovely home somewhere quiet, however he had always had a bigger goal. 

Brickwell had the dream to create the world’s largest gaming computer. In fact he plans to turn his entire home into one large gaming computer!!, more powerful than any of his neighbours!

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*Speaking of building Brickwell’s home, I’ll share that my general mock up process is a little scrappy. Using simple cardboard and foam, I was able to see the shape I liked for his home, as well as the scale the door would need to be and things like that. 


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With the case apart and modded to where I could begin the new construction, my first expansion Brickwell asked me to build was the bay window area.

This photo shows the additions early stages. A lot of my projects have a “trust the process” stage just like this 😅


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Following the work on the bay window end I decided to move onto his roof. 

The key point here was to design shingles that I liked as well as get the roofs pitch right. I admit that at first I tried to do a sheet with the shingle pattern, but in testing I concluded that to glue the shingles individually looked much much better to me.. so me and my glue gun spent many hours during this phase of construction .


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The next step will be a short video, which was actually the focus of my project. 

In this video we will see just how Brickwell achieved his goal and transformed his humble little home into a home filled with gaming tech.

Please enjoy 🙏 

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Thank You Thermaltake & Thank You And Congratulations To All Modders In This Competition 🙏 


Also if members have read this far and enjoyed the video, Brickwell and I extend our thanks and please cast a vote for you’re favourite project - community interactions is what keeps these events possible and is very very appreciated.


Best of luck everyone!

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