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Poseidon Z RBG blue switches - Up Key sticking?

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I've tested it several times, and my up arrow key is constantly sticking almost every time that I press it. It's really disappointing, since I only received this keyboard about a week ago, and I've been really enjoying it other than that.

Is it worth it to try another one at this point, given the history of the previous model, the Poseidon Z?  Has anyone else had issues with keys sticking, yet? 


This what happens with two key presses:


As you can see with the first key press, it's already jumped 2 times more than it should. With the second key press though... this is a good example of when it unable to 'unstick' itself and just scrolls to the top of whatever window its in. It's more than a little annoying, haha. I have to press any arrow key a second time to 'unlock' it, or it'll keep trying to scroll up inbetween other key presses.

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I have a funny feeling that the Blue Switch Z RGB that I received from Bestbuy's online site was an open box. It did not have stickers to seal it, and came from the Best Buy return center? 

I was able to find one in the stores that was sealed, and am no longer having issues with the up arrow. 

So my suspicion is that the keyboard that I received was sold as new, but actually returned because it was not functioning. Just as a heads up to everyone then: Be sure you get a new one from a physical store that is sealed.

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