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Challenger Prime Macro Issues

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So I just purchased the challenger prime for one reason it was a decent priced macro keyboard.


The first problem I encountered is I cannot seem to find a way to tell the macro how long to hold the key, only the delay between strokes. Why can't I have it hold the forward arrow or W key for a certain amount of time.


Secondly, why does the macro not allow two key presses at the same time? Example: Moving forward while turning left at the same time. (Running in a circle while in game).


Thirdly, if I hit the macro key, why does it deactivate the macro when I hit any other key on the keyboard?


Ultimately, what I am trying to do is this:


Hold E down (which strafes my character) while holding the A key (which turns me left) for a certain amount of time. This would make my character run in a circle. The time I set to hold A down would determine the tightness of that circle. I then want to be able to (while the circle macro is running) manually hit a key say 1.


Does this keyboard simply not support the features mentioned above or am I missing something.


Thanks for any support or suggestions.

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