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V71 case. Brand new fan issues. Help!


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So I just built my 1st PC. Been researching for couple years, putting it off an putting it off..


Any way. Yesterday I built my computer. In my v71 case.


Everything has been working fine. Well I powed on my tower an all sudden fan LEDs got real dim. And the Switch turn turn off and on the fan LEDs does nothing.


Things I have tried to do to fix:


Unplugged each fan an directly pluged them into my motherboard system fan plugins


Results: each fan does what it is supposed to do. But the blue LEDs on each fan are very dim.



So I unscrewed the circuit board with the fan controls, reset button, and led on/of switch. Under the pannel it looks like where the solder is for the LED switch is fries an looks burned up..



In conclusion my switch does not for to turn off leds,


All 3 of my fans LEDs are now ruined..


I ordered my case from B&H


Any one know if it's possible to speak with a representative to get my fans an that swich panel replaces with out having to undo my build...


I put a lot into my build. Took forever to get everything clean an tidy an I don't want to have to redo it all...

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