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Thermaltake Chamber measurements


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Hello To All,

I was curious about the ThermalTake Core X71 dual chambers. Does anyone know the amount of  height of the pedestal from floor to ceiling?  Similarly I need to know the amount of height in the main upper chamber from floor to ceiling.

Currently, I use Cosair 760/780 T cases which I modify heavily with my own cradles and cages for custom builds.  This is not so much for gaming but for show casing custom components I write software and firmware for. The components can be quite large  so this case looks like it might work.

The problem with the Corsair cases is  that everything is exposed in the main chamber and it doesn't always look neat. I came across this case and it appears that a lot of the components I really don't want visible can be hidden in the lower chamber or right hand wiring section  to neaten up the presentation of the case.   Right now I'm trying to figure out if between the two chambers  there is enough room to work with.  The total case measurements are large so I'm hoping the answer is yes.

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