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Reprogramming the lighting profiles on the Poseidon Z RGB keyboard?

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Hello! I am planning to buy the Posiedon Z rgb keyboard. 

It has everything I need, but I have one question.

I'm a programmer and would love to be able to code my own lighting profiles, is that possible?

I took a look at the .prof files and the binary is really difficult to decode.

The software is very cool but I want to be able to do extremely advanced and interactive lighting profiles.


If such a feature is available it would be the perfect keyboard.


If anyone was able to find a way to edit the .prof files or maybe link the keyboard to visual studio please let me know



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Hi sir,

At the moment, we are trying to redesign our software and offer SDK, so anyone knows how to program the code, then you can code your own lighting effects.

We do not have confirmed release schedule yet, will keep update if any news.

Thank you!

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