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Tower 900 Build

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I have been researching a new system build for several weeks.. I was first enamored with the Core P5; but it has so few storage options, that my P5 will have to wait.


This will be more of an evolution than a complete build.


My Tower 900 is arriving tomorrow.  I have already built a sturdy pedestal/alter for it to live on.  To start with, I plan on simply moving my existing rig into the Tower 900 after a really detailed cleaning with CRC.  The final build will include a complete motherboard/CPU/Memory/GPU upgrade.  I am hoping to use this forum to gather advice from the universe to help me decide how to progress.  This will be my first liquid cooled build; though I have been building and modding PC's since 1988.  This will also be my first showcase PC.  All previous builds were purely utilitarian and recycled parts from the previous build.


The Plan:

        Stage 1 - Case Prep and migration of Old Faithful.

                     1. Obtain Tower from shipper who has held it hostage during the holidays only a few miles from me

                     2. Carefully label and dissect Old Faithful.  C drive is a RAID 0, so a perfect reassembly is essential.

                     3. Carefully clean all parts with compressed air, alcohol and CRC Contact Cleaner (seems recommended by the internet enthusiasts for difficult to clean parts and states it is safe for PC boards).

                     4. Perform appropriate rites to the Computer Gods, sacrifice a chicken, 2 slices of pizza; and complete the rites with a shower of mentos and cola.

                     5. Reassemble.

          Stage 2 - Fans and Lights (early in the build BC cheaper and an easier sell to the wife)


                    1. Install fans: 7 x 140 for the 2 radiators.  I'll use a smaller radiator for the GPU loop when it goes in)

                    2. 2x140 high-pressure fans in the back and 2x140 high-volume in the top

                    3. 1x140 high-pressure fan for displayed HD cage.

                    4. Install colored LED light

                    5. Install UV lights

                    6. Install light/fan controller

           Stage 3 - CPU Loop - (this may shift if a windfall allows me to upgrade the guts)

                    1. Install CPU radiator. I wanted an EKWB. Which is the largest I can accommodate?

                    2. install pump/res combo (I think it will look better)

                    3. I'd like to install flow monitors and temperature.  Suggestions?  something cool to look at?

                    4. Install EKWB water-block.  Hopefully they make one for this old chip.  This will get replaced when the MB/CPU upgrade happens.

                    5. Install flexible hose and fittings.  This will be replaced with hard tube at the CPU/MB upgrade

                    6. What is the proper ritual?  What do I sacrifice, aside from my credit card?

                    7. Fill, leak test and burp.


What is currently moving over: I7-3930k, Asus P9X79 Deluxe, MSI NVidia 970, 32GB memory, 2SSD (RAID for C:), 1 Blu-ray (I wish I could move both),  and 6 hard drives.


Questions:  I am stuck with Fans and lighting.  So far, I am leaning towards the NZXT Hue+ for fans, and RGB lights.  I cannot get any good suggestions for ambient UV.  I'd like the tubes and such to "glow".  Another concept was to use colored fittings; however, that means, if I ever want to change colors, I need change fittings.


So far, the only things that are set in this build is the case.  Please chime in.  I'd like to hear from you all so I don't have to learn by spending a fortune.


Thanks for the help all!







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