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RIING fan extension cables


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+1 to this. I can't connect two fans to one controller, one in the front and one in the back of an Core x5 TG without placing the controller in the case (where I can't access it without removing a panel). Have the same issue with the x9 as the OP as well. I thought about splicing the wires together, but that would definitely be a hassle and a gamble, as my soldering game isn't always on point.

That being said I want to ditch these fans for something better so I looked at the other options out there, and I considered the new software controlled TT Plus fans They look pretty slick, but they're missing a feature that one of their competitors has in their software - change the color to match the cpu/motherboard temp. My motherboard and graphics card both have this feature and I love it for keeping an eye on the system, and I kind of like everything to match. So, if you guys are reading this, maybe put that on the list for 2.0 or a sooner future release?

P.S. Happy 4/20

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