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The Tower 900

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Hello to everyone ! Here is my 1st topic :) 


OK i have a problem. I've received today (yaha !) my new computer (see the pics below).

For this, i've used the case Thermaltake The Tower 900 (the most beautiful imo  :wub: ). 


The problem is .... (#### i know that i'm gonna look stupid ...) I don't understand how to access to my motherboard and my graphic cards (SLI 1080). 


I know that behind the case, at the top, i have 2 buttons to push, to open the lateral panels. 

And from what i know, the access for the MB & CG's are on the top panel. but i just don t understand how to remove this top panel ... 


Thank you in advance for your help ! 

Without you i can 't start with my new baby ! 






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Welcome to the forum,


at the center of rear of the top panel, you can see a concave part, this is acting as a handle for your hand to take a grip on the top.

once you have a proper grip on it, simple pull it up, you should be able to remove the top panel.

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