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I got this case, View 27, several weeks ago. Love this case!!!! Due to some issues I have some Air Fans questions:


1) the fan on the back versions, that came with the case already mounted, is blowing air INSIDE the case, not normally blows air OUTSIDE: is that correct or wrong by the builder???


2) I have 3 120mm Riing fans (f'ing awesome!!!) mounted in front of the case:

A: I have those mounted inside with the vent band behind those,; meaning vent first with air then the fans "touch" those: is that correct?

B: if mounted before the vent case, how do the fan cables go through as I didn't see a "hole"for those to go inside, to be "plugged" in: is that correct?

C) if a fan is mounted just above the 2 HDD mounts: does the fan suck in air to go out via the power case vent or does it blow air straight up the case?


Thank You,

Jeffery Burton



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48+ hours and not one post or answers. Like posts replays to various and within 30 minutes to "please post this on our forum page...Black black black": within for 30 minutes those replays (like Facebook, ext.)!!!! I post my question, heal, 48+ hours, NO ANSWERS!!!! From now on, I'm posts/questions on your FB pages!!!

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