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Theron infraded spare pads

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Do you have and idea where and if i can buy spare pads for my Theron Mouse. 

Let me clarify: On the base of my mouse there are two bands that make the mouse slide nicely. 

After 4 years, the mouse works perfectly but the corners of these pads have unglued and make the use of the mouse impossible. 


I attached a photo where i surrounded the exact things i'm asking for... you must love my paint skills  :lol:

Thanks in advance! 


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I have a Theron infrared mouse, the same model as you’ve listed but I broke all its spare pads that come along with in the box. So in recent days I searched a lot about them and I find translating birth certificates on several websites. But the most authentic and genuine website is Amazon. Do buy them from this website and you will be surprised.

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