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Pacific W1 Block Support for AM4?

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I built a new system featuring the FX-8350 this past summer and I purchased the pacific r360 kit for it. 


With the release of AM4 around the corner, I was wondering if thermaltake's Pacific W1 waterblock will have support for it, and if not - will they sell or give us mounting brackets?


Or will we just have to buy a new block...?

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I had the same question as I have a 1800x comin at me and want to use the RGB water block . I asked them this question on FB today." Does the Thermaltake Pacific W4 RGB CPU Water Block support AM4??

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Thermaltake Technology Inc We will have an announcement regarding this issue soon"

 EK does have compatible blocks so that is an option if you are in a time pinch. I might go that way if this announcement is not in a day or so.

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