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Thermaltake N21 Versa Issue :(


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Hello guys, had no idea Tt had a community forum section. I've been a Tt fan for nearly 15 years, 
I've always bought PSU, to computer chassis, so i decided to build another computer using a Tt case
I now own a Thermaltake N121 Versa, i have all the parts, im upset and couldnt get anything completed
at times, usually take 50 mins to build a computer which  have  for many years.  So i only have a
Tt 1200 PSU, 1 Tt RGB fan. no  hard drives or nothing. the problem is i have no idea how to get
the top panel off so i can install the radiator. and take off the front door bezel. I wen to youtube
and searched  but most of those videos where "fast forward" videos of a man building a computer
using the same case as me, and didnt see what he had did for removal of both.  Has any one
shot videos taken off the top panel and front door bezel? That is if you own any
Versa cases. I am pretty depressed because I need my system assembled by myself. 

Thanks in Advance ! 

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