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Commander Multi Light Mouse issues


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I bought the commander multilight combo today and while the keyboard is functioning perfectly, im having issues with the mouse.

firstly im trying to change the colour, the mouse seems to be stuck on purple, whenever i changed the dpi with the button it changes and the corresponding colour shows up but then a few seconds later it changes to purple again yet the dpi seems the same. no other function listed on the box indicates how to change colour.

secondly the cycling speed button doesnt seem to be working, whenever I press the dpi button and "f" listed button on the mouse nothing on the mouse changes and the button performs a back page function making believe its malfunctioned.

on that note is there any way to disable that button or change what it does cause ive accidently hit it a few times and been taken back a page on my browser, its becoming annoying


any help on these issues would be appreciated

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