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How the TT C1000 Blue Opaque Coolant is slowly destroying my CPU and GPU blocks


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So I built my first gaming PC with LCS(hard tubing) after 1 and half year of saving.

so the BIG problem was the TT C1000 Blue Opaque Coolant slowly messing up the cpu and gpu block and petg tubes.
ruining my dream gaming rig.
In which average Temperatures slowly climbing.

it was leaving visible residue(i dont know if its solidifying or not) on the tubes and cpu and gpu blocks especially the gpu block, clogging up the channels.

in which average temps are slowly climbing overtime

i brought the coolant a month ago along with the water cooling parts

i cleaned all parts with distilled water and were drained properly

im still too busy to take out the whole thing, open and clean the blocks(if it's possible) and risking scrapping the insides especially the plexi glass and voiding the warranty on the blocks

after googling, turns out, dozens of people also suffer from this problem and i feel sorry for those who owned non clear waterblocks because they cant see the real damage of the coolant to the water blocks










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