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Versa N21 240mm radiator


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Hello all, hope everyone having the time of there lives, i'm an owner of a Thermaltake Versa N21
and I read all the instructions, but could this be due to using a smaller ATX?  I have a none Tt AIO
cooler mounted on top as tubes but the fans face the bottom, but the fans touch my ATX connector
and bend it a ton, I have spoken with a representative and mentioned and addressing the issue. 
tried everything even taking the top panel of, and use Tt Blue Riing 120mm / 25mm on top of the radiator
and just set the top panel on the side to prevent and fan blades breaking. and it was awesome because i 
ran both the fans on top, and the 15mm sized fit perfectly mounted fans bottom. its a  forgot to mention
these 15mm thin 120mm fans are the Luna 120mm 15mm fans, and i have a AMD FX 8370 4.0GHz 8 core
and these smaller fans, doesn't cool enough, I really hope i can grab them. because i need strong idle
temps we're going from 88F - 124F and 112F its like an elevator ride,  Any of you guys own the Versa n21
Chassis? successfully? I wont ito make my new build happy. I am not sure if just a 120 20mm could change
if the smaller fans don't cool. it's mind-boggling.  If there isn't anything for 120mm / 15mm (slim) hopefully
i can get this corrected.And was bored the other day, and got my PWM splitter and stacked like 6 fans 
and the one of the bottoms inside the case. had temps like 42F (cold weather could probably cause it)
and with all those fans stacked safely and was getting ridiculous frame rates and so on, even had the 4.3Ghz
boost enabled, tried out Killing Floor 2 and other games with massive and ended up staying around 72F and hardly
seen it heat up much! but I really wish I could get a 120mm /15 radiator fan with powerful Static Pressure.
If not I could use one up,  btw I am using stock Corsair Vengence DDR3  32GB (1333MHz) memory, and video card
which is kind decent in this era, it is also not overclocked. I am on by the previous build so I don't stress out the components and
damage long term. Crippling . hopefully, everyone gets to enjoy there up and coming Christmas & New Year. Sorry for the long
thread, just frustrated about my fans cooling the radiator.  in 240mm configuration. Hopefully, we can all solve these issues.

Thanks in Advance!


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