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Linking GPU to PSU from 8-pins to 6-pins with thermaltake

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Hi guys,

I've linked 4 GPU's to my 1200W Power Supply Unit and I wanted to link the 5th GPU but then I noted the PCE-I ports were all full. So I was asking myself if there is a thermaltake kabel for linking to GPU to PSU from an 8-pins port from the GPU to a 6-pins port on the PSU. Or isn't it even possible to connect the GPU to another port of 6-pins, which normally uses the 8-pins PCE-I ports?

Are there any alternatives to link my 5th GPU to my PSU and motherboard? Motherboard type Z270A SLI Plus MSI.

I would like to hear your advice, yours sincerely, Jorgocoin from Holland

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