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TT Floe Riing 360 Premium Edition - High pump noise


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Hello there,

I noticed that there is a lot of discussion about the noise level an aio pump creates. And i´ve done now a few days of research about my problem. About a month ago i bought my AIO and after installing it had no problems. Now a few days ago, my pump started to make a high pitch noise and a lower frequency rattling noise. I made an video of it for you to listen. The level varies from 52 to 60dB. And yes i tried everything, from books under the front and back of my case, moving the case, lay it on it´s side, and letting it stay for a few hours. Everything done while the pump was running.

The pump runs as always on about 1825 rpm.

The aio is top mounted.


Today there has come up a few times  an error message "Warning controller number 1", don´t know if it is related to the pump noise. But on the software is installed correctly, and the empty slot is deactivated. Like i said there was no problem before, and as the problems started, there happened nothing special.


So what i wanted to know is if there is something else i could do, or is the pump going to fail? Should i replace the AIO?

Here is the link to the video: 



Thank you very much for your help


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Temps are between 40 and 80 degrees C. Noticed that the noise level of the pump increases when temps are rising. Fans are set to pwm/silent and i checkt that the noise is not coming from anything else than the pump.

System spects are as following:

i7 8700 @47000mhz

asus z370-e MB

g.skill trident z 16gb @3200mhz

EVGA gtx 1080 FTW 

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