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Technical Issue with Tt Toughpower 1200w Gold


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So, i have had this thermaltake 1200 watt toughpower PSU since late 2014, but something funky seems to be happening with it.  What I need help with is determining if my problem is the PSU's fault, so thats why Im writing here.  There are two problems: first, sometimes and randomly, my computer will fail to boot up.  I press the power button, the system powers up for approximately a second, and then immediately shuts down without even opening the BIOS screen.  It then stays off for around 5 seconds then turns on again for another single second, and the cycle continues ad infinitum.  There is no anticipating this problem, and the only way to stop the power cycling is to unplug the computer.


The second, and perhaps related (or maybe not) problem is found in my video card, and it is my suspicion that it is caused by the PSU.  I have two XFX Double Dissipation Radeon R9 290X vid cards in a crossfire configuration.  When I built this rig, I made sure to properly power the vid cards, having asked XFX what the minimum requirements and their suggestion for power was ( 1000w PSU minimum, 1200w recommended).  So, the cards should have enough power, but I only ever see one, either in device manager or in the BIOS.  Both cards have their lights and fans functioning, I have triple checked all wiring, and have checked the cards themselves by testing their functionality separately and independently.


So, what do you guys think?  Is it the PSU that might be causing these problems?  Could the PSU be malfunctioning?  How do I test the PSU for its functionality?  Thanks for any CONSTRUCTIVE input.



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