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TT RGB Plus software Hardlocking PC


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Hi there. Running a Tt Floe Riing Plus Premium 360 AIO.

The software when it first boots up is just a black screen and is unresponsive. After a couple of minutes it may work and the lights do their thing.

After a while (usually playing a game) tho the lights will stop, and my PC will lock up requiring a hard reset. It is definitely the software causing this issue.

Is there a link to a older version of the software (it used to be fine), or just a general fix for this? (I have uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted %appdata% etc).

Running on a B450/Ryzen 5 system if this helps.

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Versions 1.2.52 and 1.2.53 haven't worked for me at all.  I get the icon on the task bar and a black rectangle on the screen, but the program doesn't do anything else.  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled.  Ryzen 2700X CPU.  Fortunately I still have the older versions in my download folder, so I'll give one a try.

ASUS Aurasync and Corsair Link never have a problem.  Why is this stupid thing so buggy?  At this point, I'm telling everyone I know to stay away from ThermalTake stuff.

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