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TT RGB Plus Controller Compatibility with 3rd Party A-RGB items


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I've got a whole bunch of TT RGB Plus gear (ring trios, Pacific Lumi LED strips, R1 Plus RAM cover etc) and I want to use an existing water block that has motherboard connection using the digital 3 pin connector. From what I can tell it's a standard (of sorts) for the pin outs that connect to the motherboard and exactly matches the connects I have for my R4 DDR RAM LEDs that connect to the TT RGB Plus controller and can be connected directly to the motherboard as well without the controller.

So I have no problems with creating a cable with the correct pinouts, but what I don't know is whether the TT RGB Plus software will detect the non TT devices properly and control their RGBs.

It looks like the software only gives configuration options for the TT devices it knows about, and from what I can tell it can only address 12 LEDs (at least that's all I can see on the software options). As the device I'm connecting has 24, will it be compatible and will it work?

My motherboard doesn't have any light controller on board, so want to understand if connecting this other water block up is going to work and address all the LEDs or not.

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No reply after 2 and 1/2 months...  weak.

Similarly, I have a TT Sync Controller (CL-O015-PL00BL-A) and I was hoping to integrate the light strips that came with Barrow's water distribution block for TT's Core P90 Case.  I have the TT Riing Plus fans for my radiator setup.  I have also swapped out the PSU fan for a 14cm TT Riing Plus fan.  Unfortunately, the led strips for the two EK waterblocks on this build are 12v strips, so I can't integrate those (although it would be nice if there was a TT-compatible replacement. Nevertheless, the Barrow strips are 5v, and are 3-pin (+5v,D,Gnd) so they ought to be compatible with the aforementioned TT Sync Controller 

However, given the fact that you haven't received a reply since April on your question, I'm not optimistic.

- s.west

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