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Commander C34 fan controller issue

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Forward, This is my first PC build so please bear with me.

In the back panel of my Commander C34 case is a circuit board, it has leads heading to my twin forward RGB fans and has the connection to the RGB mode select switch, the only power cable to the board is a 15-pin Sata power cable, image provided. Neither my Motherboard nor powersupply have a connector that will match this, nor can i find a female to 6pin pcie adapter anywhere in the market that seems to lock with this connector. I'm think just using a sata cable similar to what i use for my HDD would "work" but they don't lock and it would essentially be a loose connector inside my case that could dislodge at any time and shutdown my fans. Looking for advice and suggestions, I don't see others grumbling about this so obviously there is a solution.

15 pin sata a.jpg

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